Thursday, July 24, 2008

No VoIP over 3G, but music streaming is a-OK

Pandora and AOL Music are being trumpeted as if there's no tomorrow, and they are great... great suckers of 3G bandwidth. However, iPhone Apps like Truphone and Fring are not so hot yet. Truphone is 6 cents a minute: not as expensive as AT&T overage fees, but way more expensive than SIP voice carriers, which is the reason to use VoIP. Fring is sitting in the shadows, as their app is for jailbroken iPhones, waiting to see if the iPhone developer program becomes a little less draconian.

So, which way is it going to be, Steve? Are bandwidth sucking apps allowed, or forbidden?

BTW. G729 calls sound great at 8 kbits/s. I can't imagine Pandora and AOL Music are pushing less bits per second.


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