Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Un-DRM your iTunes DRM tunes with Best Buy

Got a few (or many) DRM'd songs in your library, with no way to load them into any PMP you'd ever want? It's time to stick it to the music labels; we've got a tip for you.

A habitual poster of decent credibility in the MacNN forums has recently shared his experience with a non-iPod PMP: the Insignia Pilot. The included software pulls some neat tricks to allow you rock those DRM tracks in the stereo-bluetooth enabled little bugg'r, not thanks to iTunes Plus.

Now, if I could get confirmation that the Pilot woul sync with my Mac, I'd be a-thousand times sold.

Is that utopian world that Uncle Stevie promised us finally coming in 2008?

See a pattern here? This Mac centric blog in no way drinks or serves Kool-aid of any flavor.


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