Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I love the smell of Entitlement in the morning

Consumers being crybabies again.

First it was the iPhone early adopters, crying "It's not right to screw us over with this $200 price decrease". In response, Apple "makes it right" by "giving back" $100.

Now it is the iPod users, crying for their games in their G5.5 don't transfer to their G6 iPods. If you are one of them, then listen to this: the new iPod comes with a new OS. Porting the games to this new OS takes effort and expense, which _should_ be passed on to the consumer.

I am sure that consumer who buys a G5.5 iPod and G6 iPod a few months later have fat wallets. Fat wallets are fair game, anytime.

This just verifies once again that the Mac userbase is composed of way too many socialist pinkos.

*Logs off to check his AAPL stock*


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