Tuesday, December 05, 2006

MPLAB IDE works under Crossover

This curiosity hit me last week: while I am not very hopeful of the Wine and Crossover projects, it would be fun to see if certain program I constantly use under Bootcamp/Parallels works on the Wine layer. MPLAB IDE, the default Assembly/C way to program your Microchip PICs, is not an extremely intricate program (relative to those others Wine has bested like MS Office), but it is infinitely useful to me. So, I decided to try it.

The first install didn't work. It complained that I didn't have MS Internet Explorer. So I installed it, no prob. Then the MPLAB install went *almost* smoothly. I'd recommend others to uncheck the Programmer Drivers, and only leave the PIC Simulation option (I don't think CrossOver would relay USB streams, right?). I tested it with C code from the Pickit 1 and (Woohoo), it worked :D

I may have to change my position on CrossOver :)

CrossOver is currently under a temporary free/beta period, and can be downloaded from the Codeweavers website. The excellent MPLAB IDE is free of charge from Microchip.


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At the second, you can find Bakugun balls on provide which array from Battle Brawlers to B2 Bakupearl. The prices are cost effective and to the new balls, the costs selection from $ twelve to $ 54 which include the mega packs. Bakugun balls battle brawlers (Arena Mega Pack red) has its existing bid at $54.95 and also the bid ends in about 17 days.

Acquiring Bakugun toys is extremely very simple. Just go to their website and if you'd like the new balls, just open the ew balls?underneath the preferred searches or newest searches. It is easy to invest in Bakugun toys in many components of the world therefore you can actually also decide on by place that's on hand on the left side on the web site. Locations it is possible to search on include things like United states, Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, and Italy amongst other folks.

After you happen to be on the web site, there exists an option to suit your needs to select a group so pick the Bakugun Toys and Cards class which requires you to all on hand bids beneath this group. You can actually also restrict the search towards the kind of toy you'd like, if you need people with fixed charges, auction or each. Also don fail to remember to specify your cost range if you would like toys on with precise charges.

Apart from Bakugun balls, all other Bakugun toys are cost-effective so actually buy Bakugun merchandise now and get worth to your capital. Bakugun toys have starter packs which are also on the market for bidding. Examples are Bakugun Starter Pack B2 Massive Brawlers Bakupearl series whose bid ends in about eleven hrs.

As soon as you receive your Bakugun toy of interest you may open it and see all of the descriptions on it such as the location, whether or not it really is in pack or loose, its series and the seller. The shipping details may also be incorporated plus the expenses and you also also get to view buyer feedback concerning the item.

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